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Our Services

The initial step in wealth management is to develop a thoughtful, comprehensive financial plan that includes an assessment of your current financial situation and your future aspirations. 

At Socha Financial Group, LLC, our first priority is to listen. Listen to your needs, concerns and to what is important to you. Through identifying your objectives, we will work with you to create a dynamic road map. Each life transition brings with it different financial planning opportunities. Together, we help define the best way to reach these goals. We always seek to make the journey as fulfilling as the achievement of the goal.

Financial and Retirement Planning

The choices you make today can deeply impact your life down the road. We monitor and update your plan as needed to ensure you are making progress towards your goals and adjust the plan as detours in life arise. Although the solutions are different from person to person, some common concerns are:

  • Can I retire comfortably and securely?

  • How do I adjust to major life changes- marriage, divorce, death?

  • How should I handle funding a college education?

  • How do I optimize my company benefit plans?

  • How do I manage my budget to handle multiple goals?

Investment Management

The balancing of capital preservation and capital growth are the fundamentals of investment management. Through our experience, dedication, knowledge and judgment we navigate this delicate balance. We practice active asset allocation with investment strategies that are robust and utilize a range of investment opportunities. Each client has a different tolerance for risk and specific investment time horizon, which makes it imperative we listen to your concerns, understand your financial planning needs and design a portfolio appropriate for you.

Tax Preparation and Planning

Tax planning is not just a “season,” but a continuous and integral part of the wealth management process. Taxes are one of the most substantial expenses that households encounter. With proper forethought, planning and preparation, we work with you to make strategic decisions to manage this liability.

Risk Management

Wealth Management is not only about managing the growth of your income and assets but also about protecting these in the event of death, disability, medical or long term care expenses. Through this process we assess the risks not covered by company benefits and government programs. We work with you to find solutions to address these needs.